AS (20 Nov.1950 / Yerevan, Armenia)


The first night in their new house was frightful
Dan and Rita heard doors downstairs opening and closing
Hasty footsteps and shaky voices sounded awful
When something tapped Rita on the shoulder, she hit the ceiling

''Go fix me a drink, '' she asked Dan, ''There are spooks in here''
Once she was left alone, she saw a trail of light on the wall
It flickered for awhile, took a shape of a baby, and came near
Rita was scared, but asked, ''Can't you leave us once and for all? ''

The spirit hovered around her, and made for the door
Where it hung, as if waiting for her to follow
Rita rose, and it led her to the attic, pointing at something on the floor
She saw a woman with a baby on a photo, faded and sallow

Rita was amazed, ''Is that you? '' and the spook nodded to her
''Are you with your mom? '' Rita asked, and the spirit shook its head
It led Rita by the hand to a massive black box in the corner
She opened the box, and saw a skeleton of a baby, long ago dead

Shivering with fear, Rita gasped for breath, and backed up
She couldn't realize who the hell committed such a vicious murder
The next day after Dan and Rita buried the remains, they slept like a top
When the police investigation revealed nothing, Rita went further

She searched from top to bottom, and found an old letter
Written by the baby's stepmom, but it was never mailed
''Without Johnny my life with Tim will change for the better''
While Rita read, she felt deep sorrow, wishing the malicious plan had failed

That night she dreamed she was rocking a cradle
Her baby son smiled at her, and he looked like an angel

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