Johnny's Going To Jail

Poem By Chandra Hohmann

It’s hard to think it

Even harder to say it

A permanent knot in my stomach

Johnny’s going to jail
Can’t help
Can’t make it go away

Can’t even post bail

Johnny’s going to jail
He’s not a bad guy
Not a murder or a thief

I knew weed got people in trouble-knew it in my head
Know I know it in my heart
My stomach
The tension in my back
The way I start to breathe to quickly
When the panic overtakes

Partner long gone-who can blame him?

No more beat up car pulling into my driveway
To take me away from the fighting
Sarcastic Alex in the front seat
Or rough and tumble Mike
Teasing and grinning next to me

John yelling at us to knock it off
As we wrestle and shove like little children

Johnny’s going to jail

He’s not a criminal
He’s not a bad man
He didn’t hurt anybody

He’s Johnny
He’s my friend

No one cares
No one can save him

It’s so fucked up
Johnny’s going to jail
The door slams shut
And there is nothing I can do

Johnny’s going to jail

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