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Join The Mad

You say that I'm mad
Mad as a hatter
Well your wrong
Because I'm not the one who is mad
Oh no no no
It's not me who's mad
I'm normal
You're the one who's mad
And you want to know why
Because you don't understand the things i do
When someone is in great pain
You say it's sad to see them in pain
I laugh and say 'you better get use to it
Because i just might hurt you more"
When there is blood
You say it will stop
I say 'why isn't there more"
When someone is killed
You say it's sad
Well i say 'so what, kill more"
That is how this world works
There is no way to stop war
No way to stop the darkness
There well never be peace
And you still want to have me locked away
You still don't understand
Once you join us
You will see who is truly mad
You will see that we are not mad
Oh no we are not
It's those who fight the madness
Those who believe that there is ever lasting peace
Who are mad
But one by one they will see the truth
And they will join the mad

by John Leo

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