Joke 05 Frugal Me

A little boy comes home from school and asks his father what “frugal” means.
“Well” says his father “it means to save”.
The next day the little boy comes home from school all excited
“Dad, we were told such a good story today in class
Once there was a beautiful princess. Her evil father, the king, kept her locked in a tower because he thought no-one was good enough for her and he knew she didn’t. She was very sad and lonely. One day a knight in shining armor rode by the tower on his charger. The beautiful princess leant out of the window and cried “Frugal me! Frugal me! ” So he frugaled her and they lived happily ever after”.

by Stewart McKenzie

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Excellent! Gave it 10 because this is MY sort of poem. Love, Fran xx