Jonbenet’s Final Heur

Poem By s./j. goldner

A decade ago
your smile was eternally

Evil flew in and drew
a heart on the palm
of your left hand.

A broken paintbrush
mocked your perfect palette
when it was used as a garrote

To string a chord
that looked like white lace
when it was furrowed into
your pristine

Snow would not fall
beneath the feet of such
as no tracks were left
to guide the way to justice,

Until now.

Green eyes and a curled
Adornment of gold—
A radiate visage
Of a six-yr-old


Loved in death,
Lived in heaven

Resting with the angels
—At long last.
With her mother beside
her they sleep in peace
in all their beauty.

Comments about Jonbenet’s Final Heur

Sus - Beauty can be such curse, hard to handle when you're so young. Much better to be pretty with some obvious flaw. Your portrayal of her is tender, and yes haunting. Cheryl
I only just discovered who JonBenet was. This is haunting (as should be) and exquisitely written (as expected from you) . Let's see what happens to John Karr. t x
such a prestien piece.......well done Sus.....

2,5 out of 5
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