TNE (8-21-95 / Montana)

Jordan Chase Walls

I lay there looking up at the moon
thinking about what he is doing
starting to smile and laugh
I remember the talk we had going
the glow and since from his eyes
the big bright smile on his face
oh how they have me so mesmerized
I don't know why i love him
or why i fallen so hard
He lighten my world when it was dim
Thinking of all the conversations we had
and how much he makes me happy
We have our good times but also have bad
Only thing I really do know is
: : I love him with all my heart: :

*Jordan Chase I love u so much nd thankz 4 all u done: : We been thru alot in the past year but im glad 2 have shared it wit u: : If it wasnt for u then i dont thnk i would be alive rite now: : I love u Jordan Chase Walls and that will never change: : YoU&&mE=4eVeR&&aLwAyZ: :

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Langston Hughes


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dang...this is a really good poem that jordan is so lucky to have u keep writing hic love ya <3