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Josing Fjord: The Capture of the ‘Altmark'
GB (1908 - 1991 / Lancashire / UK)

Josing Fjord: The Capture of the ‘Altmark'

Poem By Gordon Boshell

Eastward we sailed from the Falkland Isles
And Westward to the Plate;
We searched the waves for a ship of slaves
With a ceaseless, burning hate.
South from the Caribbean -
Northward the white wakes scored,
And the set of the sun brought vengeance
At night in the Josing Fjord.

Yonder she lay. The prison-ship-
The Norsemen had let her go,
A floating hell on the night-tide's swell,
With Britons locked below.
And thirty men on the Cossack
Waited the word to board -
From the hidden lights of London
To the stars in Josing Fjord.

Grappling irons and then attack
A fight in a frozen sea…..
When thirty men came back again
Three hundred men were free,
For Drake had unslung his hammock
And he stepped once more aboard,
And he fought again beside us
That night in Josing Fjord.
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