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Jouissance / Libog

Jouissance / Libog

Poem By Sonny San Juan, Jr.

None, nothing else is needed. Humanity of the beast Nothing Else Required
I and you We are one psyche Twin sensibility cut up and separated

No shadow or body Hermaphroditic unity Monolithic identity
Even before facing the mirror Before the Oedipus in the mind runs amok

Under the shadow of blessings vomited by the ambivalent sorceress moon
What rapture what ecstasy how blissful that love without consciousness of ego

As the dilapidated machine turns the corner in the womb of the mediatrix mother kicking
In the belly in the well-fed vulva the TNT and lava of happiness exploding

What inconceivable sweetness is the violence of the disguised executioner of the priestess
Denuded of the talisman of gold and silver-semen spit drugs of the conquistador

We were occupied cheated Paradise’s throat of dreams slashed
Hurled into the dungeon of the barbaric logic of money and contaminated capital

But even though disentangled by the hairy lust metallic fangs of sex
Still clinging together thanks to the grace of the shrewd dialectics of contradiction

What is needed is to transform the world Change, renew your life

Two souls sleeping together in the boiling alembic of Eros
Clutching each other through the night sunk in the strategy of worldly counter-hegemony

No temptation can tear us from the nomadic cyborg of the imagination
Fruit offered by the serpent from the accursed garden- No need!

We cavort in the dynamo of destitution that serves as the fountain and spring
O ecstasy violating the thermodynamic law of the imperialist Leviathan

After embracing and suckling Forbidden! After holding tight embracing Prohibited!
Split fissured delivered up torn asunder-electromagnetic orgasm - Ay shit!

Creature cut up and parceled out Sliced and set apart creature tricked exiled
Fragmented are asphalt and gunpowder of the skyrocketing galaxy

That’s why there’s neither I nor you but morsels of sexuality stars floating
Meteor of the libido spinning out from the womb of Mater Dolorosa- Forbidden!

Dusk when you left Eluded Abandoned in the “safe-house” of the terrorist Patriarch
Twilight when the clenched fist and horns of the armed Angel fled

What is needed is to transform the world Change, renew your life

Seeming to be an illusion-that overflowing breast Fantasy of Pieta offered incense
As though a mirage those seductive luscious lips in the catacombs bereft of demarcations

What’s left are sweat and juicy stigmata of the Red Combatant
The gap and hole in the flesh kidnapped by the two-faced scheming Goddess of Castration

What remains are the sweetness and bitterness of the prohibition From want, you and I sprang
The gorge and well blossoming from the split and the desertion- No need!

How can we knot again what has been cut and ruptured? How can we put together what has been ripped apart and pulverized?
How can we join what has been wrecked or sutured, what has been wrenched from the womb?

The vortex dried up in the night of the honeymooned elegy of the Virgin of Lying
Sacrifice mislaid under the moon’s witnessing of the warning sign “Forbidden”

Gone the laughter the delight the joy of the ravished cage of the Black Swan
Memory has no efficacy Garbage tabula rasa Nothing Required

Where was the joy hurled, joy that nested in the synergy of mind and heart?
Where did that fly, that beauty blasting from the maneuvers of the imagination?

What is needed is to transform the world Change, renew your life

Where was the soul of the armed Angel put in trust? Yoked together by barbed-wire
The psyche is only a dusty flake of the butterfly bubble brushing nightfall’s wings

Therefore create again the torment of sexual liaison in the target of vision
Invent the pleasure delight orgy of rebellion from the algae-silt of the rotten system

Our tryst will be fashioned from desire from lusting for the dew of morning
Constructed again from hope from the convulsion of aspiring and smoldering wish

Where will you be found? In the darkness of the encounter the wounded smile looks wide-eyed
Where will you be discovered? From the muzzled mouth the electric fire of tomorrow juts out

You searched for the Other Half who journeyed wandered-set out pursuing Mt. Pinatubo’s fire
You hunted for the dawn in the shrouded sparks of the solitary intellect

From mud and clay sweat and blood rises the deity of homeland-bounded Overseas
Filipino Workers
Directress of the community, of the masses rising up striking revolting

How overflowing with enchantment is the creature with language protesting, with voice of a wild
My beloved, speak to me in this night of vigil so as to capture the fragrance of sunrise

What is needed is to transform the world Change, renew your life

(Translated from the original Filipino by the author)

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