RN (02.08.1998 / Siliguri)


Birth is just the start of an epic voyage.
The smile of a mother's face is radiant.
The first cry of happiness is joyous.
The effort for a fresh life is brilliant.

Life is a journey completely alone.
Fight everyday like it's a new encounter.
For it is a battle yet to be won.
And only who struggles shall conquer.

Time is the old-man keeper of our life.
Counting every second before our eternal sleep.
So why don't we get up and strive,
Before we rest six feet deep?

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Comments (2)

Rohan, now the poet emerges....just like a butterfly from the cocoon! Well done!
just breathtaking, putting straight thoughts on paper is easy but pinning them beautifully is hard and you did wonderful job of, life is indeed a journey there will be bumps there will traps but we should always move on cause there is only one destination and no resting place..beautiful young man