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LM (02/09/81 / Australia)


Poem By Liz Munro

I'm feeling so focused and calm today
nothing negative is gonna get in my way
my eyes are shining so bright and clear,
it feels like all my dreams, close to coming true are near.

Only i can hold myself back
if i stray off this positive track.
but there is a new me, different to the me of old,
i have started a journey - and amazed,
i follow and watch my journey unfold.
for i am going somewher i have never been,
and my mind is unlocking things previously unseen.
from negative entrapment, i am breaking free,
now is the time for discovering the true and inner me.

Focused and happy, my journey feels right,
like my spirit has grown wings, and to a higher level takes flight.
everything for me is starting to click into place,
i no longer rush life by, at such a fast pace.

For whatever life throws at me, i know i'll survive it,
and i will continue my journey, untill it reaches mortal end,
where i know on a higher plane, my journey will begin again.


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Comments (10)

Looks like a message of life's journey- full of hope and optimism, grit and determination. Thanks.
“Only I can hold myself back” You’re right Liz; the only person that can hold us back is ourselves. Continue to stay positive!
Positive approach to life. Nice.
Such an optimistic and uplifting poem! Well deserved selection as Poem of the Day!
Awesome poem I enjoyed every line. Great read