AA (23/04/1959 / BLIDA)


I cradled my nights with a huge wave of delight fragment of my heart and love me deep breath. Creating the illusion in each iris to agree to be loved, the idyllic Eden in tears in a gentle warm stream dragging me rode the power of love. The orchid dying of pain relieved my pain torrent of pain. Hearing that I share a life with a whisk of cunning, and muse on the nose though scalped. God gives me a morning full of secrets, on the east, Hope, perseverance, courage to open up trails to the fighting with obstacles without fever. On the shelves of beauty twilight star, beautiful engraved image of the west, love patience and piety, to the fragile souls forgiven and human cruelty. A challenge for the immortality of my five mages of life. In my monastery, there is no straightforward or reinforced door cachoterie or her injuries completing this or that serious satisfaction of all desires that you love broods per subject, makes you blind. I rule the soul divine source of absolute happiness, those who leave find the wisdom to exist, the chance to meet the pure and sincere love. Finally have the keys to eternity longevity of Venus. You will be as naive as you revealing the nature of his ship crazy four seasons, more stupid than all your nights spraying days of innocent pleasure of feeling invisible sixth sense. I do not expect the return of the condor, I would not wait until you are thirsty, the top of the honey flows evil, or what time it freezes. Yes! (The sun breach fresh every morning renews his promises kisses the horizon twice) My promises are sacred over any confession, I hate the jurors who promised the French unearths the word of honor, and this new formula Life (T excited all these people to be excited) in the fresco of the friendship, forgetting that the mirror Cirera wrinkles, no one will remember your white nights. I love that bee royal voiceless who walk the turmoil his honey, faithful to the noble sense. This pelletons ant for decades until the flood is a sharing of bread. This kitten jumping from wall to wall, climbing the trees of a lemon or orange in order to reach its young, lying in the yard, or hallway waiting for her kittens breastfed my grandmother has offered to our neighbors to be well fed and, in turn, from house to house, following the scent of her young without forgetting its promise to raise them, he is human, but in another animal form. If you accept my invitation, welcome to my ball, I take your lightning to my belly dance that holds your sighs in flames, orchestral scores of the night to the sound of my body. Tone burst of a siren to refrain major pulse of my heart. Sleeping in the fire of your hidden desires, your chaste flesh tremble with passion in a minor star in a wedding. Your eyes reflect light contrasts with a fountain of crystal, shining paths for the future. Enchanting comforter on your long hair, there is the light of a star, frost all my worries, your effluvium soft hug my sleep virgin beauty and as a mirage that will protect you. Murmurs in a sky blue move the cradle of a sea-green, while stirring in me, everlasting joy, throbbing in you in an exciting future in my belly dance. (The idiot who discloses his sorrows at night revolts against all hopes, be alert and smiling) . What I use to lie, you powerless to create a paradise of your dreams that already you're part of my life. My Nautilus completes Pearl and other surprises. Happiness, love, are in themselves, and not in the lady with the tarot which itself has no chance. I offer the white scarf of a shooting star, it will make your cheeks with his purple rose. I will remain cursed, you will be the most expensive, unconscious of my verses that flow into the veins of an olive tree. Hostage to your whims torture, you will be the most revered reckless in my monastery without security door. As this little world, so much pain, disappointment, pain, tearing into my sails minds. Mending only my mat, to other shores flying over the bow and the dust, under the fine rain, hail, snow and three drops my tears, I stroked the cloth of blue, open my treasure, an excess of charm me for the wreck of an isolated rock, the irresistible Emerald to my heart. (The rhapsody of music on a pink sand) The voice of an angel whose wings begin to deteriorate this said, I want your heart desired that all pleasures! Hotter than any sparks! Above all souls! Too bad life does not look like our mixed, shame about the boat has lost the compass of wisdom, we are slaves to what we need. No one is conscious of its pages white or gray dried up even his cruel tombs, only God will judge. I'm really sorry, but impossible to forget everything, it's hard not to have no memory. I so loved to be amnesic for some time can be longer, but never all white in the golden sand, just to see if
(The halo of the sunset would be different)

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Wonderful poetic journey..and superb write.....never felt its time consuming..as its worth reading..
Full of poetic expression...i never thought i will read this till the end of your words...it still fuzzy in my head...what impressed me is few lines there, it amazing quotes and wisdom behind the mountain...! i like this and few other lines I love that bee royal voiceless who walk the turmoil his honey, faithful to the noble sense Is this writing is some part of your life journey? ? i like the ending sound: but impossible to forget everything, it's hard not to have no memory. I so loved to be amnesic for some time can be longer, but never all white in the golden sand, just to see if(The halo of the sunset would be different) .._Unwritten Soul