Journey In An Indian Train

Journey in an Indian Train,
At the time of a drizzly-rain,
Gives quite a wonderful experience,
Which can be kept in rememberance.

It travels from station to station,
And helps us to reach our destination,
It moves silently along the fields,
Where many farmers grow their yields.

We can see beautiful meadows,
Through the train's windows.
We can watch nature's beauty,
Which is splendidly created by The Almighty.

Indian trains provide good journey,
Without much loss of our money.
We can see many big rivers,
Which are held in, by Indians with great revere.

Sometimes it does'nt reach on time,
And sometimes it'll be spots of crime.
But then it carries everyone,
Throughout day and night it'll run.

These are our Indian trains,
Transporting people whether or not it rains.
They travel through cities and towns,
Carrying everyone including clowns.

by Ananth Patri

Comments (1)

Very nice presentation, makes me almost feel like I'm back to beloved India, once more crossing through this so beautiful country of yours.