Journey Into The Oblivion

I stand alone
In this dark and gloomy world
No one around to protect me
But then again I do not need anyone

I'm not scared of this place
I never have been
Why must I fear something?
To gain what I secretly crave

I now hear the calling
It beckons on my guilt soaked heart
Causing me the unbearable
But helping me dream up my path

Now my blood begins to spill
As it slowly runs down my arm
It then seeps into my deep scars
Wrecking havoc on my torn skin

And now my soul begins to breathe
It's the only thing I have left
Giving me the strength I need
To regain my rightful power

The only thing that now awaits
Is the crucifying of my soul
For now it has no meaning
As I now have the thing I've craved for so long

Your love...

by Kevin Pike

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