(21st November 1945 / UK)

(journey Inwards Collection) .... Reflecting (Or Not Medusa)

Am I no more than a mirror?
I reflect.

I reflect pale Narcissus.
Bending to my fluid face.
He sees only his own beauty
Reflected in my eyes.

I reflect Don Juan

Who sees in my adoring gaze
Confirmation of his power
Over women caught in the headlight glare
Of his own masculinity.

I reflect the joker in the pack,

The card, Jack the lad,
Who in my quick responses,
My loud applause, will never see a bore
Reflected in the prompt screen I hold up.

I reflect the aesthete,

Appreciate his finer points;
Frame his sensibilities; read him like a book
Represent to him his muse,
Put value on his higher consciousness.

I reflect the workman;

Celebrate his solid practicality
By comments on his skill
And admiration of his labours,
Wonder at the use he makes of tools.

One day
I shall reflect
Upon the image of myself
In the bright bronze shield
Carried by a man who angles it on me
And I’ll not be turned to stone.

by Janice Windle

Comments (5)

Thank you, Onelia - yes, I wrote this some time ago, before I met the man in the last stanza. This should really be in the 'Dedicated to DD' section now - I do feel valued and validated for myself, by Donall, I can finally be what I am, with no mask, and that is what has made it so easy to fall in love with him.
I like the poems from your Journey Inwards Collection, especially this one, very profound, reflecting probably my own thoughts. I like the kind of classification of the men 'sorts' here, the idea of almost universal adaptability of the woman, if only she likes to be a reflection. But there comes a day when she becomes more than simple reflection. Quite optiistic last stanza. A very good deep poem.
This is a great piece of writing. The ending is brilliant. Women so often see themselves as a reflection wrought through the prism of men instead of simply being happy being themselves and learning to see themselves in the light of their own achievements and as having incalculable value in and of themseves. Thanks for sharing. wj
Lovely Jan! A deep evocative poem! keep posting! Rogerx
Brilliant (and clever!) I love what you've done here, the experiment appears to have worked.... HG: -) xx