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Journey Of A Friendship
EH (dec 29/60 / Perth NB)

Journey Of A Friendship

Poem By Elizabeth Hathaway

It starts with a hello, innocent and kind,

no expectations, no preconceptions,

and slowly turns to heartfelt thoughts.

concideration and sometimes toleration.

through good days and bad, always there.

words of wisdom and encouragement.

seasons passes, and time moves on.

always there, always close, never far away.

distances shortened with every word.

true feelings of concern, for health and happiness.

a deep trust growing for what once was a stranger.

gently holding, lovingly held, arms and heart outstretched,

ready to embrace compationate feelings.

advice always welcomed, advice always lovingly givin.

a true friend always no matter the distance.

honesty, trust and love of a friendship always growing.

for my long distance friend, now and forever.

what started as a hello is now my rock.solid and dependable.

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