NK (07/09/1974 / USA)

Journey Of Love

Where ever you see
Love within this world
It's just a reflection
Of divided Love

Those that receive it
Are incapable of
Parting with it
What ever you got
Is the only Love
Your heart has

Love that you feel
Reflecting from within
Another human heart
Is always someone else's Love
Stored within their heart
From a hundred years ago

Our heart is not capable
Of creating brand new Love
Though, it is a perfect consumer
Of truth and Love

It is only capable of sorrows
Just so that someone feels sorry
And share their Love with you

It takes a long time
For a human being
To part with it

Our heart does not want
To ever let it go
Unless or until
It is receiving in return
Or is totally dissolved
In someone else's heart

Without receiving Love
We can quickly turn into
Irrational, self-centered
Ugly human beings
Filled with sorrow and hate

When in actuality
It is our heart
Pleading for more Love
Sad sad fate
Of a human being

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Rudyard Kipling


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Nicely written on love....