Journey Of Love

the journey of love
We move far away d heart does
We move and insh d love move
We move straight d tongue move
We move left d hands does

The journey of love started
The journey of feeling started
The journey of close heart does
The journey of love move to and fro

I could remember the journey need a heiper sometimes
The journey begins in august
When we started preparing for exams
The journey of love started flowing like a stream in occean

The love of journey in secoundary school
When we could be enemy in class
Just to protect some from suspecting us
When we could be judas and not betraying others

The love of journey both started
When d love first crassed like a aeroplane
The love move slowly like a boat
The love move like a tortise somethings
Oh! my God the first accident of the love

When feelings meet with each others
When the drivers of love confused
What could be the road
When could the journey of love ends
The journey of love still moving
When could the journey ends?

When we could signup of facebook
When we could 2go @ night
When we could write letters day time
When we could send message in evening
The journey of our love when could this end?

by ademola oluwabusayo

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