The Tortoise And The Hare Race Again

The tortoise watched some field mice play,
One beautiful sunny summer's day,
When who should fix him with a stare,
Than his old race partner, the hare.
He wore brand new running shoes,
And said, "This time I'll not lose.
You must race me,
From here to that tree."
The tortoise looked him in the eye,
And said with a sigh,
"Are you sure this is what you need?
Do you really want to test our speed? "
Said the hare, "With this race,
I'll put you in your place.
I'm out to prove,
Just how fast I can move."

Many animals gathered for the show,
The badger cried, "On your marks, go! "
The hare ran like the wind,
And at the finish he grinned,
Saying, "Look who is last,
Now see who is fast."
Then he sat down to wait,
Found a leafy dandelion, and ate.
He watched the tortoise with both eyes,
Saying, "I'll stay awake for my prize."

The tortoise arrived just before dark,
And made an interesting remark,
"Today I've seen so much,
Flowers like silk to the touch.
Did you happen to see,
That dancing bumble bee?
Did you notice the stream's every bend,
And how it's joyful song will never end?
I would like you to know,
There is more to going slow.
You may have beaten me by a mile,
But did your journey make you smile? "

The hare thought for a while,
Then said, "I think you're right,
I have seen the light.
Please walk back with me,
These wonders I would like to see."
He let go of his pride.
And the two walked side by side.
Seeing beauty in every weed,
He said, "This is what I need.
It really is easier to talk,
To a new friend while you walk."

by Stephen Katona

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Great Poem. Well written as always