Journey’s End

Poem By Bhaswat Chakraborty

This is where the journey ends
And therefore, we can call it home
All the knowledge of navigation
Finds a rest here
And therefore, we can call it home

This is where we get a bit of affection
A smile, even a touch and hug
This is where the things are simple
And therefore, we can call it home

This is where the struggling feet
Slow down and dance a little
This is where you can sit for a while
And therefore, we call it a home

Be it a journey from a town to another
Or from birth to death
Even if it is a journey of several lifetimes
Through wisdom, truth and energy
Or through folly, helplessness or misery
Wherever we can surrender
our burdens of both good and evil
Wherever we rest, we can call it home

Comments about Journey’s End

home is a slice of life a piece of perfect art with this master piece almight the painter made a start and he did nt do a bad job at all he amde a magnum opus, of brick, mortal and all brilliant poem........
meaningful... gives good rhyming... ...where our journey ends...our home.. very good write.. 10++ lovelots, Maia
'Wherever we can rest we call it home ' - this is a good summation of being at ease - - a restful poem thank you 10 from Fay...
I think the word REST describes the whole poem in one word.

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