I Didn'T Complain

A thief in the dark
You came along and stole my heart from me but it was ok
I didn't complain
We lowered our weapons, my heart my mind and my soul
Ceased an attack of defiance
I didn't complain
Gradually the bitterness that consumed me was overthrown with acceptance
A memorable mutiny, a historic event
I didn't complain
Endless arguments with my other half
Doubt lurking in the crevices of uncertainty waiting to pounce and feed on me
I didn't complain
Love and hate stretching the rubber band of my limits
I snapped and fell apart rendering myself useless
I didn't complain
Then out of the darkness, leaving me to wander aimlessly for so long
To turn around and bring me into light with the words ‘I love you'
I didn't complain
I indulged in those words like luxury food
Savoured the taste and sensation thinking one day it would be gone
I didn't complain
The love that once blossomed for my eternal affection
Slowly withered and decayed, I could feel it
I didn't complain
Our connection broke down, our foundation fell apart
You sent me alien signals leaving me to wonder what foundation we built our relationship on
I didn't complain
Sleepless nights I spent, buying my way to your heart again
I used up all my hope, I was broke and had none left
I didn't complain
I showed you how much I cared, like father to child, husband to wife
It felt like you ran away, like we were splitting up
I didn't complain
I gave it my all, my everything, every fibre in my being
Every waking moment, every second of my life, but it wasn't enough
I didn't complain
The buildings collapsed, the trees withered, the seas dried up
Every living thing died, my world was destroyed as you walked away
I didn't complain
I gave up hope and laid to rest in peace my ambitions and my dreams
I buried my love and care beside them in respect. I lost a part of me
I didn't complain
Few years down the line, my life once again crossed paths with you
And your new lover, causing my heart to crumble in agony. I cried a river of tears yet,
I didn't complain

by Frankie Kamara

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'I will not say the day is done, Nor bid the stars good-bye' you're not beaten until you stop trying always believe in the right
No - it was sung by Samwise Gamgee in the tower at Cirith Ungol. 'And then suddenly new strength rose in him, and his voice rang out, while words of his own came unbidden to fit the simple tune.' (Lord of the Rings, book six, chapter 1 'The Tower of Cirith Ungol.')
This is a poem by Bilbo, written at the end of the Hobbit.