Journey Through Life

You walk the path of life,
You stop,
You either turn left or right,
Then raise your glaze and glare up ahead,
You see a bright unexplainable light,
It deliberately begins to fade,
Then it vanishes,
Your left helpless and hopeless in the hands of fate,
Regretting the past,
Not wanting to conceive the future,
No one to trust,
Because trusting them with your feelings is a colossal mistake,
No one to hold onto,
Somehow everyone seems to turn their backs and walk away,
No one to love,
The meaning of it is mistaken for pleasure,
So what do you do?
Don’t look either way, keep walking ahead,
Love no longer seizes to exist in your eyes,
Hope floats unendingly mingling at the tip of your fingers,
So journey on and on,
Don’t trust a soul, they will haunt you with it,
Don’t love a soul, giving your love is priceless,
No one is worth it,
And don’t make any promises, for they will be broken,
And when you attain your fate,
Expect the unexpected,
And concede the pain,
For when you depart,
No one will moan,
No one will deject,
For you did not engage anyone on your perpetual visit to the mortal world,
You walked the path of life and experienced life through your eyes not through your heart,
So when you depart,
You will leave no one behind,
You will leave peaceful,
And your feelings, Oh so heavenly sublime....

by Hoda Elomari

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