Journey Through My Mind

I'll let you in my world
To see what it's like being me
You might just want a sneak preview
Cause you can't handle all of me
Beyond the candy coated lies
The raw truth is that
I'm just like you

With the hollow emptiness of my soul
The future looking dim
Take a knife and peel back the layers of my mind
You will find a child wanting to be free
Free from care and misery

The lack of knowing
The hate that has build
It's getting ready to explode
If you can't handle it
Get out before your mind is corrupted

If you don't like what you see
Leave before you get pulled in
The fear is building
Have you figured out my mind yet
The way i work is haunting you

Run and hide, it's that time once again
Where i either take you in,
or break you where you're standing
This could be fun or scary
All depending on how you see it

I hope i'm not making you feel unwelcomed and unloved

I love your company
It's not very often that i get vistiors
Most people have abandoned the thought of me

I'm ready to fight for what i believe in
To make people see that
What they see isn't all of me
I offer more then what they think
I am capable of many things

They just won't give me a chance
The time of day
The recognition that i deserve

I'll take a break and let you refect on what you have just heard
You can stay where you are if you would like to continue the journey
Or if you would like to leave the exit is just over there

For those of you who have stayed
I would like to thank you, but this was just a test
To see who was interested and who really cares.


by Brandi Young

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