Journey Through Pain

Poem By Gerald Hall

Calm seas calm not the mystery unfolding,
The gentle rolling of the boat, agonizingly slow
As it creeps toward an unknown fate.
The waters of my gut alive
Burning, churning, rising and falling
Anticipating this worrisome enigma.

Woeful moans floating in the moist cold dark
Slip into my ears, crawling into my mind.
The dank and clammy floor reeks,
An odorous offending scent. The muggy smell of death
Embraces me, it’s nebulous slimy tentacles curdle my mind.
Staring blankly, I look into the black repulsive abode
Hoping this unearthly journey ends.
Time melts into a spaceless eeriness.

My arms above me, legs below, stretched painfully tight.
Unable to move left or right. Wrist, ankles shackled and chained
Vainly, I fight, against punishing metal constraints.
As blood oozes from my torn wrist.

Sleep comes wretchedly, dreams of lament lacerate my soul.
The boat’s gentle rolls, an affliction that maintains this misery of mournfulness.
A cold dead body, quietly caresses me. Reminding me to rest not.
A friend gone. escaped into God’s grace.
So I pray, I plot amidst confusion terror and doubt.

Sunshine show your face! let your light reveal the source of this inhuman disgrace.
Let my bone and sinews be renewed, my resolve faint not, Let me not succumb to these evils. Let my heart be strong, or from this earth, let me be gone.

Gradually my mind settles

I remember pale ghostly barbaric men. Our village went,
Unafraid to greet.
Silhouetted against the morning sun.
Tall boats of wood and cloth sat upon a pristine sea, as if guarding and watching their pale boatmen. The dawn breeze cool and refreshing. Did not betray
The coming darkness. Birds continue to sing in the flowing leaves of trees.
Thin wispy clouds punctuated a blue peaceful sky
Happy laughter and chatter of children excited by
Wondrous new sights dotted the early morn.

A beautiful day agitated by anxiousness.
A prophecy untold set to begin.

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