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Journey Till Teenage

I wish I did'Nt have to grOW old ever,
It would be fUn if I haD been A chiLd forever,
No SorrOws, nO resPonsibilities
No matter if I would fall
Life would still be easy..

WhEN only sharing a soFt Toy brokE my heart,
When wiTh tEddY' huG my dAy would start
when My ONLy love waS chocolate and ChEEse,
When most touching WOrDs were juSt
THankyou, sorry And Please..

WhEn I think about it, I feel Like hell,
I think I am oNly oNe in this worlD's nutshell,
So manY Scars on my heart I bear,
And to show othErS A fAkE Smile I wear..

I question myself,
Why am I so weak And iN cAge As a biRd? ?
WHaT WoulD HAppEn if again I get hurt? ? ! ! ? ! !

by Disha Shah

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