Journey To A City Called Life

What do I feel
When theres nothing I can do.
To ease the pains of life
And the changes
It puts you through.

Oh its all inside my heart
It threatens my very soul.
To see your life confused
It almost seems
Far beyond your control.

All along the path of life
It darkens but brightens again.
But to see the sunshine daily
Its in your heart
Where the light begins.

This that I feel
When theres nothing I can do.
I give it up to God
For He is the only one
That can see you through.

But you've got to trust you
To tust Him
In all your lil' ways.
For I have no power to help you
Its only God who can save.

I encourage you to love you
To be a light
In all you say and do.
And I promise you the darkness
Will be light on your path to you.

(written for my daughter)
(Elizabeth Weir/1987)

by Cecelia Weir

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