'Journeys Ahead'

When alone, even when bored with no therapy
I wish I could expedite my journey even if not immortal
To make my travels as fast as the metallic monsters above
I wish I could go with my groans forgotten in toilets
I knew if I died tonight, it’s with no regrets.

There were times I regretted, times of wanting cohabit
Times of loneliness without a peek
Times with multifarious foods in my bans yet no appetite
I wish I could go with my groans forgotten being disparaged
Even if at teenage I had lived to believe in rapture
With no bones or ribs hanging on my oesophagus.

There are times I thought of existentialism
On these leas pleasant were they, now seems boring
A life of Judas, a life of no happiness, a life of no lover
Even when bewildered there is no light shed on my ways
Friendly animals in my compound turned hostile
What a misfortune! Oh God why me do I sing every day.

Now do my mouth open wide with new songs of romance
Those times have I regretted have been transformed
Now do I think of several tasks of love to be accomplished
A journey to confide my emotions being trustworthy
A time to forget my scares which she converts to kisses
Now do I know after several years of hatred do a moment of friendship
Comes which is my daily proverbs to the yet unborn embryos

by Israel Dammy Ipaye

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We all need room to grow - THAT'S LIFE
a chronological list of complaints.What the poem lacks is, no doubt, moments of epiphany: those rare moments when the poet leaves one face to face with the unkown in a concise, glorious mixture of words almost everybody knows.