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Joy Has A Name And It Is Called You

Joy Has A Name And It Is Called You
Written by: Wilfred C. Mellers, Tuesday, December 13,2011, @ 23: 17

There can be no greater love than yours
If joy had a name, the world would shout out your name
From the mountaintops into the valleys below they would sing of your grace
Your name would echo through the canyons and bounce off the hillsides
The world would come to worship at your feet laying down roses and scented oils

You are my deity my loving empress divine in spirit and natures galore
Your will is my bidding for to all others I am blind
For you I cannot deny for my life is to please you ever more
You are my queen that makes life sweet from the purity of your heart is boundless
My happiness has a name and it is called you

It is your name only that comes from my lips
It carries on the winds of time to the four corners of the earth
It reverberates from the sea that leads sailors to calmer coastlines
You are that light that calls out in the darkness beckoning lost souls to stiller waters bountiful
Yes, joy does have a name, and it is called you

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