Joy In Joy

God has created everything in twain
Life - Death
Love - Hate
Joy - Pain

Now i crave for the other side
Cuz everything has its joy
Joy has its joy
Even pain has its joy
But what everyone looks for
Is the joy of joy
But i seek for the pain
The Sweetness in Pain
Pain in Silence
Silence in Loneliness
Loneliness in Joy
Cuz everything has its Joy!

Joy in joy can only be stong
If after the aeons of pain
A ray of mirth shines

So joy is even incomplete without pain, sorrow etc.
And so i plead to God
Fill my soul with bitterness
Fill my life with Pain
And rest of the quest
I will search my self

by Vishal Kumar

Comments (3)

Oh! What a deep philosophical thought! Only a Saint can think to this extent, I feel, asking God to fill the life with Pain. Wonderful and fantastic!
Exellent poem, I really enjoyed reading it.
Since God has created all the Earth in Twain Our Life has Death Our Love knows Hate Our Joy but Leads to Pain If I also crave the other side And everything is joy And Pain has its joy And everyone seeks to have the joy Inside the joy. I seek not the pain that lies Deep within more pain Too quiet, to removed Joy itself hides from shame Joy is what is strong It can still lead toward gain But joy itself is not being strong It’s God’s relief from pain Kyle Peacock