MA (March 27,1951 / India)

Joy Of Seasons

At an informal get together,
When you find yourself
In the midst of strangers,
You invariably talk about the weather.

Oh yes, Delhi has extremes,
In unison all exclaim.
We are forever trying to acclimatise
It’s just too much, they proclaim.

Well I won’t live anywhere but in the plains of north,
Nature’s bounty all the year round.
Mangoes, juicy melons and amrood,
Keenu, raspberries and shehtoot,
Tickle the taste buds with their distinct flavour,
And the variety in colours and flowers,
I find too enchanting for words.

Cool chiffons, crisp cottons, and sensuous silks,
Help me reinvent a new me every few weeks.
I love the feel of different textures and above all,
Change the colour palette as the mercury rises and falls.

I have lived in Chennai, Mumbai
And other parts of our vast country, ,
But I always missed Delhi
Despite its muggy weather in rains
Dust storms, heat and cold waves
It is forever springing a surprise,
I love its capricious moods and coquetry.

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