Joy Of Spring

A Spring morning
A warm Breeze
doves cooing softly
Pollen dusted trees

by David Whalen Click to read full poem

Comments (9)

Very very beautiful poem sir I enjoyed heartly..
Spring mornings Warm breezes Deep breaths Allergic sneezes.. beautiful expressions of observations of the joy of the Spring season.. lovely poem. tony
Lovely images...perfectly captured and encapsulated into a piece of gem..Thank you for sharing..10+++++++
Oh, I lost myself in your description of spring. My favorite time of the year. You write beautifully, Dora
There's nothing like a fresh Spring Morning, reminiscing about days gone by, restores the joy.
This is a great poem with strong metaphors. Keep writing. Profound strength.
Great poem Makes me long for spring in my Uk garden but without the possom
I love it. I don't know what dogwood blossoms smell like, but I'd like to find out!
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