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Joyce Hemsley

She is the Queen of The Starlite Cafe and The Web Poetry Corner where Ompapa is the king
And of the great poetess Joyce Hemsley the praises we will sing
And with the maestro Sir John she is one to compare
A poet of the masses and poets like her are rare.

Six thousand poems in The Web Poetry Corner of herself she can feel proud
Lets hear it for Joyce Hemsley we will sing her praises loud
It never can be said of her that her better days are gone
The woman is amazing she just keeps on keeping on.

To the great Goddess of Poesy she ever remains true
And we ought to give her credit since credit she is due
The beauty in her poetry her words have their own voice
We ought to feel so grateful for people such as Joyce

The great Poetess of Sunderland the Queen of the wordsmith trade
And 'tis true that poets are born and that poets cannot be made
What can be said about her that has not been said before
You read some of her verses and you want to read some more.

Her beautiful poetry with the World she generously does share
And with the great Ompapa she is one to compare
The Queen of the Starlite and The Web Poetry Corner Joyce Hemsley is her name
Her poems will live forever and her's an enduring fame

by Francis Duggan

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Joyce here Francis. How very kind of you to submit your wonderful poetry complimenting me on my writing... You are 'top of the list' on Dreamagic. I am second - I have slowed down for a while. I hope you are keeping well and happy. Thank you once again. Sincerely Joyce Hemsley..