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(((Joyce Storms)))

A deluge of thoughts blanket me...
Once steadied by the shade but no more
The rain is now steadily pouring
And in the background a Requiem Mass opens sorrows door.
So many years ago beloved friend...
You joined two very lonely lives
Learning of your much too early departure belatedly
Tears now overcome mine eyes.
Cancer and its ruthless ravaging...
Over took your brillant blue eyes
My Matron of Honor-you shall always be
Even though this heart of mine cries
HollyPark will always be the beginning...
Where you and your better half led me
And i will always hold your memory dearly
Even though now, i must grieve.
A candle will always burn for you, dear one
Because of your blessed friendship, beloved Joyce
You've been with God and His Angels now 6 years
I do understand our loving Gods choice
I tried to find you so many times...
In this computer age of lost friends
Tell you when i learned about your passing- -it was nearly my end.
Oh such a heavy heart i now have
A weight boring in the middle of my core
Know that it is my Soul reeeling
As your Requiem Mass has opened Sorrows Door.

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