MA (March 27,1951 / India)

Joys Of Childhood

A four year old I find
Has a very clear mind.
She knows she likes Pogo
More than the Lego.

For pink strawberry ice-cream,
She will kiss you and scream,
While she licks with sheer delight
Till she finishes the last bite.

When her mom asks her to draw
She runs away defiantly saying no.
And asks why don’t you let me play
It’s a holiday today.

She handles a T.V remote,
Like a pro
If you ask her whom do you love more?
She’ll promptly say everyone, running out of the door.

She knows she can’t take a chance
And takes care of her future in advance.
She can twist you around her little finger,
While you are left to figure
Out, how she learnt such tricks,
And fool you in a blink.

Barbie is her favourite doll
And when her nana takes her to the mall,
She really has a ball riding up and down the elevator,
Holding on to nana’s sweater.

When she enters a toy shop,
She knows exactly what she wants.
She has mastered the tactics
Of good politics.

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