Joys Of Flat Packing (Fun Poem 33)

For those who built models
when we were a kid.
Remember all the enjoyment we had
putting all the pieces together.
Then we grew up to build bigger models,
wardrobes, cabinets and things.
Fun they look until
you take out the instructions,
only to find they are in a foreign language.
Something that you cannot understand.
Now if you get over that hurdle,
there is still more to come.
Before too long you are scratching your head again.
The possibilities are endless here.
You have a piece that is missing
or something that will not fit.
If your one of the lucky ones,
someone has put in some extras,
or have you missed something out somewhere?
It is back to the instruction,
the ones that you cannot read.
No definitely, you have some bits over,
but what do you do with them?
A couple of nails or screws you do not mind,
but when it is enough to build
whole thing all over again.
It is then you want to find a corner to sit in
and have a darn good cry.
Oh, the joys of flat packing,
it will get you every time.

(22 July 2007)

by David Harris

Comments (4)

David...Here you have company. Happens all the time with me. Loved this piece.
Oh how well I know! Last time I had to call in re-enforcements to help before I chopped the thing up! ! ! Delightful and so true
Oh good god, i need a drink before i do one, last one we did was a T.V. stand simple you would think, but it took three of us four hours.. If i could have gotten my hands on the Sadistic S.O.B who designed it, easy go to your happy place...
Oh tell me about it. I think this should be dedicated to that floody bucking swedish store which is, by chance, a four letter word. This made me laugh D! ! :) t x