Sad Heart

a) -From the start, talking
with sad and pensive heart
talking to myself
I wandered through the leafy
Autumn was coming.
Before me stretched a road
Of trees and flowers.
b) -one by one
the hopes fading
but then
you must not take
the fundamental human rights
must not rip them.
c) -talk in depth
several thoughts
wandering in a maze
they self-make
they make philosophy
puzzle their brains
furrow their brows
to understand the depth
the shape
the size
and all
all ofthe philosophy
before them.
c) -thus I am.
To hide from myself I
I do the same attempt
To thoughts that
Crowd on me.
I fail.
Thoughts won.
d) -against the ticking
I go waiting
I heard a whispering:
The plotters and conspirators
Forged a cruel destiny.
Said I: ‘ I always
Calculated that'
‘Then go to the guillotine
With a bent head'
e) -the enervating thoughts
lie bare before me
the tents on the plain
of the salty brain
lie stretched all over
tiny and radiating.
My beard grows
All suddenly

by Emmanuel George Cefai

Comments (2)

I've heard that teenagers have a tendency of doing that...snapping on and off like a light switch! Great poem...let me know if you find the guide book! hugs, dee
Hi Mamta, A mother is born, before a child is born. A poignant poem on motherhood and the turmoil she goes through... Good Read, Mamta. Well done!