Jozi (Place Of Gold)

Poem By Carolyn Vuletic

Drivin in jozi with wild hair
designer shades
juicey tubed lips
pumpin beats
tinted windows
fags in hand
'your so hot right now'

different beautiful like our city
people stare often
'we know what we are, we know what we're not'
what you see ain't what you get

jozi, my home
so corrupted, so alive - so me
people dont understand you
how can they not see how beautiful you are?

give them time...

they will see

Comments about Jozi (Place Of Gold)

Hi Carolyn! This is really good! I like how you express that, because you look a certain way, people expect you to ACT a certain way, and its not always true. It's nice to see that Luv, Steve
dig this, simple strong pictures, I just read about jozi and it's history a little, as well as checked out some pics, interesting to compare this to that. your poem out to be on an travel advertisement, you make it sound more interesting than the web site's do.

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