Poem By Jerry Pike

There were no free gifts in the Cornflakes today,
and what happened to little blue bags,
where are the tea cards and Green Shield stamps,
what happened to sweet ciggy fags.
Who stole my Jubblies of triangle ice,
give me some apple tarts please,
Old English Spangles I didn’t like much,
and Twizzles fell out down yer knees.
Tiger tails dangling on silly thin string,
Choppers and Moltons and skates
Wayfarer shoes with a compass inside,
rabbit paw prints on your mates.
Sandwiches pressed flat with margarine spread,
cheese in three flavours, can’t cheat,
football boots winding around and around,
shirts without adverts or heat.
Bri-nylon drip dry that stuck to your skin,
setting off nuclear sparks,
standing on platforms for journeys by bus,
George knock and run, just for barks.
Civil war gum cards, with death painted clean,
Flick cards of Batman, and cars,
thrown to the playground, occasionally raced,
bumps for yer birthday, with scars.
Orangeade, cherryade, lemonade, coke,
likem em or lump em, no choice,
newspaper chip shops with crackling free,
Bazooka Joe tattooed your voice.
Plimsoles with thin soles and jumpers that shrunk,
Swimming baths iced for delight,
Shoe shops with x-rays and bubble gum stands,
Policeman that walked through the night.
Kiwi crown polish that shone over scuffs,
cap guns that ruled with a bang,
skipping rope challenges, Sindy joined in,
Action man leading the gang.
Dripping on white bread, and drooling on hols,
warfare meant small plastic men,
where are those pastimes, and pleasures of old,
I think I shall read this again.

Comments about Jubblies

Yes the trinkets and cards we so fondly saved... now they have to be computer games... So simple a things are gone... what do the children do now? Alison

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