Our Day

The Bread of life is gift of God to man,
The blood of Christ is solace grand:
To eat the food of Love Divine,
Brings hope that leads to glory's land.

The glorious Sacrament of Christ
Is tonic to the soul each day:
A ransom in the Blood of love,
Is gain for those who humbly pray.

As sons of Ham we eat the Bread,
And drink the Holy Christian Blood:
Our hope is in the Grace of God,
For sufferings thus understood.

Our day will come with showers true,
For God on evil things will frown:
Almighty love is all we claim,
Though man destroys and keeps us down.

by Marcus Mosiah Garvey

Comments (2)

This is really well done- -I could use it as a get-to-know-your-Bible-better quiz! ! Read John Schulte's comments below- good impute
Reciting from the asylum, Christopher Smart remains as enigmatically brilliant as ever. The Jubilate Agno triumphs as mind over matter, soul and heart over solitary sickness.