Even One Toe As I Gently

even one toe as i gently;
and we turn on it with trust.
each inside our hands
and around it you so firmly and you squeeze.
when in your good/\night time, how it blooms.
inside your room, the sun it's blessing it is bright.
as is your face,
beneath white cotton is revealed, i kiss lips unveiled.
'O' release i see the flutter of sweet wings.
white the pearls around your neck and pink your slip,
and lass i hear them each and when you sigh,
high between the cliffs, like the wind,
as it's blowing through those trees.
so hello' lass and turn around it
looking out your window, over there at all the snow.

by James McLain

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A great start with a nice poem, Toolate. You may like to read my ars poetica named as (Poetic Sense-1) Thanks