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Their is something brewing deep inside, intellectually speaking while
Nina Simone sings...singing songs of redemption.

A grand era lost
Timeless...standing still...yes indeed, singing songs of rejoicement
A content jubilee.

Fingers snapping as I can image
The crowd dressed to the nines
Feeling really good sipping on glasses of fine wine.

That was a happy time with all the trials and tribulations
Of days carelessly spent.
Soul...that is what was going on, breathing in the life,
Facing challenges head on, enduring as times were turbulent.

Roaring were the fires of destruction smoldering...only to clear
The injustices suffered, all because of the color of their skin.

Damn, why is my ass sitting here depressed for I am truely blessed.
The hard work has been done 'don't let me down' I hear in my head
The Blues are singing now, but I ask my inner spirit within
'How' to purge these feelings of helplessness.

'Look toward the sky' I faintly hear that small still voice cry...
'Listen selah don't you hear your Angels singing'
Rejoicing triumpantly a quite, silent, Jubilee!

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Very nice. Almost everyday I listen to Nina and this is true to the inspiration that draws me to her.