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Judas spoke his side of the story
About the betrayal and the crucifixion of Christ
Judas though wasn’t seeking praise and glory
What he did for us, was his great sacrifice,
He wanted to be remembered as a brave man
Who had stood up to a cult and its appointed king
He was a hero who was once was a fisherman
If we heard that story about Judas would we sing;
Judas did not betray Jesus just for silver and gold
He cared not for the money so he threw it all away
He did what he did as his intentions could not be sold
He betrayed a tyrant so in thanks should we pray.

If Judas had spoken his side of the story
And we never listened to the second side as well
Shouldn’t the truth be judged and statutory
One person might call it heaven and then another hell,
Should we care who shed the most tears
Or about the rumors that we all had heard
We all could easily be sidetracked by lies or fears
Shouldn’t we listen to the truth and the truth is the word,
The one who sheds the most tears should not get our pity
And the one always attacked should not be the guilty
Let them think about themselves are they witty
Then we can judge the innocent and call them filthy

What if we believed Judas’s side of the story
And that is how all people would be judged
What if that notion and thought was mandatory
Then some truths of theirs would be lost or fudged,
Would we listen to the people who are always wrong
Would they always be truthful and always heard first
The one with the sadder story would be the strong
And the one speaking the truth would be the cursed,
Judas had spoken his side of the story
Jesus couldn’t as he was crucified and then he died
Fabrication and pity was Judas’s category
Judas had betrayed Christ, and then he cried.

Randy L. McClave

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