WM (March 5,1962 / Kinston, Jamaica, West Indies)

Judas At Waterloo

I can't believe my ears for my eyes told me otherwise
I thought you were my friend, but I see now you were not
Every bad expletive to you applies
You are some creature that time forgot

I gave you my loyalty, and you spat in my face
If you were real you would have been straight
What fills me up is not hate
There's no god in you to compensate

You are not worthy of the name friend
The web of lies spewing from mouth sickening
Soon will come a day of reckoning
You are going to get yours one day in the end

Scandalizing my name with your poisonous venom
How could you after all that we have been through?
You should've told me what was the problem
With your life, you've got nothing better to do

I guess I was just too nice
Your insides are as cold as ice
I see you for what you are now
You are nothing more than a hideous sow

I've found out who you really are
An asteroid thinking it's a star
What you are full of I cannot mention
It is way past your comprehension

Stay where you are for here you could never make it
Stand there and pretend for all you can do is fake it
I won't play the game of a victim
You are really and truly an evil bum

God doesn't like ugly, and you are as ugly as they come
You are just a guy that takes it up the rectum
You are not even worthy of this poem
Smile all you want I'm here if you want to get some

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