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James 4: 12

'There is only one Lawgiver and judge,

the one who is able to save and destroy.

But you - who are you to judge your neighbor? '

Just because we have a mind,

does that give us power to assign?

Criticizing condemning thoughts.

Is that what the Lord has tought?

Just because we can measure a man,

do we label him unworthy to stand?

Knock him down upon his knees,

without a second thought of his pleas.

Just consider all your own faults first.

Or are you the one thinking their's are worse.

It matters not in His Holy eyes.

He's the only one that can surmise.

It's sad to see man being judged by man.

What happened to the helping hand?

Do you think God is turning His back on you?

And doesn't see the things we do.

The heavens open and He cries His tears.

For he gave us good choices to adhere.

But we continue to choose the wrong path.

The one that will not last.

I know I have many faults too.

I hope you can see past and through.

And not judge me for my outer shell.

But for my heart that leaves many rooms to dwell.

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