Judge For Yourself!

Surrounded by soldiers He walked,
Along the city streets...
While the Jews and the Gentiles talked
Of His wonders and His feats.
And yet these miracles of love
Weren't proof He was divine...
To the doubters they weren't enough -
They sought another sign...
When Pilate judged that Christ be whipped
And then to set Him free,
The crowd went wild, Christ stood tight-lipped,
Prepared for Calvary.
The Son of God obeyed His Lord,
Through sorrow, pain and strife.
Six hours long His blood outpoured...
And then He gave His life...
His faithful friends let out a cry
That angels heard in Heaven,
Who knew the reason Christ must die -
For souls to be forgiven!
Within the week God's power came!
The risen Lord lived on!
And in good hearts He lit a flame,
A faith to build upon!
Although Christ died upon the Hill,
He saves lost souls like Saul!
Today, Christ's friends continue still
And preach Good News to all...

by Denis Martindale

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