Judge The Tree By Its Fruits

Judge the tree by its fruits
If the taste is rotten,
Cut the tree and burn it

Judge the book by its pages
If the idea is broken,
Tear the book and burn it

Judge the cloth by its curves
If the figure misshapen,
Slash the cloth and burn it

Judge the car by its tyres
If the distance shorten
Stop the car and burn it!

by Ismim Putera

Comments (5)

Judge the tree by its fruits..The very first sentence is very much biblical...... Jesus Christ tells that. in the new Testament.......... yes from good works we shall be known........ wonderful idea.. thank u dear poet. tony
thanks for the wonderful ideas and thoughts shared here. I am grateful for the input.
An excellent poem, BUT never judge, just let them go one by one, if they are not healthy or perfect, they will die soon themselves, as human beings also do. What I have written here are moral lessons, of course, the poem is created perfectly, but please never judge. In my belief there is a best judge than us all together. Be blessed, Ismim!
Ismim, such a brilliant write...10+++
Looking for perfection! ! ! A piece delightful to read. Stay strong poet.👍.10+++