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Judge Ting
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Judge Ting

Poem By Ayi Escalona

Clothed in glossy black
Armed with wooden hammer in hand
He climbs to the elevated counter
Overlooking fault and truth of yet to hear

When the dull sound of his hammer ruled
Arguments began to fill the space
There is then the trade of facts and avoidance
Artistically articulated by tuxedo wearing legal representatives

Plaintiff againts respondents
defendants againts complainants
Dios mio my friend Ric
These legal terms are mesmerizing me

Because in my under grad
Polical Science is not much a subject for me
I got 3W in the midterm
But my beautiful teacher caught me
Staring at her beauty, so in finals I got 3.0..

Careful spectators, beware of opening your mouth
Put your cellphones in silent mode
Otherwise Judge Ric will put you in contempt
My good friend Ric disliked being bothered

My friend had already sent offenders to other town
Fenced with steel especially ordered
To keep them stay until the sin is fully paid
Long live my friend, without your bravery…
      There will be a disordered country

Yes…my friend is clothed in glossy black
You see he is only armed with wooden hammer
But watch out…there’s 357 and caliber 45 in tucked
As he climbs to the elevated counter
Careful…his hands are not in wooden table

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my gosh, , , whatta a wonderful lines found in ur piece...the last lines r so nice....take note...his hands are not holding wooden hammer nstead....bang! ! ! ...of course, it s a must...pag di madala ud dukduk, , , na...tua ra......hehehehheheh....ill just put (heheheh nd hahahahha) coz i really miss filipino people n ths kind of site....please donget angry on me ariel...thanks... a nice wrk of urs ariel... sweet regards... naizz