GL (June 1988 / England)


Okay you found him
Welldone, congrats, I am pleased
May I ask have you repented?

Do you think he will look on it kindly?
Have you thought about that fact
Would you look on it kindly upon it
If 'M' saw the light and with someone else
And kept it in the darkness for so very very long?

Seems so tedious fighting fire with fire
But seems quite adequate really
Maybe it is immature, you maybe thinking
But possibly it is not, who can say?

Would the judgement look kindly upon me
With anger or grace
I have not lied.Have you?
I have not decieved.Have you?
I do not wish to seem conceited
But only show the reality,
you have fenced yourself out of.

And before you say the ultimate
is to forgive
So what I haven't, but maybe I will
But then maybe i won't
You will not know until you learn,
Your truth you are so desperate to cover
Not even your denomination can cover that.

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Maya Angelou

Caged Bird

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