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Judgement For Us All

The Bible it salvages the sinner
The soul becomes the beginner
The truth will triumph over a lie
Judgement is truthful and it will justify.

Stories are kept inside a book
Gossip grabs the gullible like a fisherman's hook
Honor will be how we will be known by
Judgement is the reason that we cry.

The guilty they will shout and also scream
The innocent speaks the truth and not a scheme
The virtuous is always timid and shy
Judgement is held with the truth and a sigh.

We know ourselves by what our children do
We feel the guilt when they walk in our shoe
We sometimes see ourselves in our child's eye
Judgements may question ourselves with why.

We are known by the company that we keep
Bad deeds become nightmares while we sleep
Actions are what we do from which we can't deny
Judgement is for us all when we die.

Randy L. McClave

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