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Judgement Of Immigrants

How could we look upon God's face
Without any shame or utter disgrace,
Especially after a life that many have led
Where hate and jealousy is all that they believed and said.
When God asks of our deeds and of our sin
(Did we hate immigrants, and wouldn't let them in) ,
I wonder if the souls of those immigrants will ask us why
That we refused to help them, so that they wouldn't suffer or die.
Many of us went to church, but never gave to charity
They saw and believed it not as a parity,
Many taxpayers will scream and many more will holler
Because of the so-called wasting of their precious tax dollar.
Many don't care if their taxes is spent for businesses or for a war
And they don't care if it's given to the wealthy, so they'll have more,
But, to the starving immigrants (they'll scream)"they better not give"!
In their own hellish country let them suffer there and live.
When scared emaciated immigrants have come to our land
Seeking freedom and liberty, against them many did stand,
In pain and suffering they've already paid their dues
Remember, many of our forefathers was once in their shoes.
Upon this earth we were all created by the very same God
We are all brothers and sisters from the very same sod,
Some of us were lucky to be born here, instead of way over there
Many weren't taught not how to give, or to even ever care.
We will all be judge on our one judgement day
All countries and boundaries will be destroyed and washed away
I wonder on that day when they look upon God's face
Will they hope that God is their countryman, and the same race.

Randy L. McClave

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Interesting poem on immigrants and how we should treat them. Profound and thought-provoking.