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Judgemental Yobbos

Some yobbos are self righteous in their own way
On things controversial they do have their say
They form their own judgements though the facts they've not known
One can say they are in a group of their own.

They pass judgements on others though of the true facts unaware
The judgemental yobbos have never been rare
Our self appointed judges they gang up on the accused one
On some mother's daughter or some mother's son.

The judgemental yobbos in numbers seem to grow
Understanding and compassion for others is not in them to show
A fair go for all they could never embrace
They pass judgement without knowing the facts of the case.

They believe on a fair go for some but not on a fair go for all
The judgemental yobbos in their ways are so small
To judge others they feel they do have the right
And the windows of their souls could do with more light.

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